Eco-Gozo allocates €1.24 million for 38 projects by Gozitan NGOs

A total of €1.24 million are being allocated to 37 Non-Governmental Organisations to implement projects related to their voluntary work.  These funds are part of the total sum of €25 million that have been allocated for Gozo by Government over a period of  3 years.

A total of 38 projects which qualified for 95% of the total eligible cost, will be implemented.  Every NGO was entitled up to  a maximum of €50,000 for  the implementation of one or more projects which address some of the measures identified in the eco-Gozo action plan.

 Details of projects were given during a press conference held at the Ministry for Gozo whereby every NGO signed the respective grant agreement.  The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo, expressed her satisfaction for the interest shown in this scheme.  This scheme is also a sign of appreciation of all the work carried out by these voluntary organisations in Gozo, also in the light of the fact that this year was designated by the European Commission as the European Year of Volunteering..  Minister Debono also stated that through these projects, all the 37 voluntary organisations will be contributing in the process of transforming Gozo into an ecological island.

 The projects  include the use of energy saving lighting systems, better use of water through the building of water reservoirs, enhancement of touristic attractions, improvement in Rescue Corps services, a new portal for research and development, projects related to the historical and cultural identity, as well as sports and educational initiatives.   

Earlier on this month, the Minister for Gozo announced that through a similar scheme,8 local councils and 3 administrative committees will benefitfrom a total of €660,558 for the implementation of 13 projects.  These include the building of rubble walls, conservation of rural and characteristic areas, restoration of historical and old buildings, and rehabilitation of promenades, amongst others.  Other environment related projects include the cleaning of valleys, better use of energy saving lighting and the replacement of vehicles with eco-friendly ones. 

 All these projects will contribute towards the implementation of one or more of the 80-measures found in the eco-Gozo short-term action plan.


Eco-Gozo allocates €1.24 million for 38 projects by Gozitan NGOs