Interpretation panels and audio visual equipment for Heritage Buildings in Gozo and Comino plus a Heritage DVE of these islands.


This project consisted of the creation of interpretation panels for Heritage buildings in Gozo and Comino.  These panels are located as follows; 12 panels for Comino Tower, 4 panels for Comino Battery, 8 panels for Qala Battery and 10 panels for the Xlendi Tower.  These panels will give information on the historical importance of the sites, the flora and fauna of the area, the location of heritage sites of interest in the area, the traditions and lifestyles as well as the bio-diversity of localities.  Interactive project work-sheets will be distributed to young visitors paying a visit to the sites.  A Heritage DVD was also produced as part of the project by Din l-Art Helwa. This DVD features the significant fortifications throughout Gozo and Comino, their background and historical importance as well as the associated environment points of interest.

This project was eligible for 95% of its funding through the eco-Gozo scheme for NGOs.

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