Developing the local and International ICT Industry and green technology to boost the Gozitan economy

ict-climate-change-006The main aim of this project is to coordinate and integrate initiatives related to the Information Technology sector through a portal that serves as an electronic forum to encourage, attract and facilitate international collaboration in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Research and Development, with an emphasis on internet security.  This project has the potential to form clusters of excellence with direct and indirect economic benefits, as well as the creation of more jobs.  This project enhanced the development of this important sector and brought about the creation of new value-added jobs which are vital for Gozos economy.

This project addressed specific measures found in the eco-Gozo action plan such as the implementation of the one-stop-shop for the assistance of more investment in Gozo.  Another measure implemented through the ICTGM project was the conduction of a study on the level and extension of the IT connectivity on the island.

This project was eligible for 95% of its funding through the eco-Gozo scheme for NGOs.

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