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Eco-Gozo is a vision built on the commitment of a society keen on being able to sustain it’s future as it managed to do in the past. The eco-Gozo’s strategy is compact and strongly supported by most of Gozo’s public and private entities however it is the commitment of each individual that will make the eco-Gozo vision the reality we’re all working to achieve. 

support usOur commitment is to make of Gozo a sustainable eco island where life is better for all its residents, where its visitors relish the beauty of its natural heritage and where development is accompanied by a sustainable plan to make sure that what we achieved continues to respect the essence of the Gozitan lifestyle.  

There are many ways how you can support the ECO-GOZO project, from little daily things to a more in-depth commitments towards the eco-island vision.  The eco-Gozo strategy is spread out over four main pillars: Environment, Society, Economy and Culture & Identity. All four sectors have their own niche in the eco-Gozo vision, yet all four are interlaced and support one another. Protecting our environment is not only a means in itself but is also for greater economic support which enhances a stronger and more independent society.  An educated society is one that not only appreciates its natural heritage but also a society which recognises its cultural identity and the importance this plays for its future.

You can support eco-Gozo by registering your identity, sending your comments and by joining our facebook page from where you will receive constant updates of the many eco-Gozo projects taking place across the island. Your comments are welcomed as are your family and friends who may wish to join our growing community supporting eco-Gozo.  Your constructive criticism is also something we look forward to be able to change when warranted.

Your ideas and new initiatives you feel should form part of the eco-Gozo vision are also very important.  The eco-Gozo vision was built on feedback gathered from all interested parties in Gozo.  The consultation period dedicated to the public society at large was an extraordinary exercise never mitigated before in Gozo.  Through everyone’s experience and initiative we managed to collect the aspirations of the Gozitan society and prepared a comprehensive strategy for the implementation initiatives scheduled and delivered according to priority and feasibility.  Government has granted an additional €25 million for the implementation of the short-term strategy which will now evolve into the medium-term phase comprising of several other projects and eventually completed by 2020 when the long-term eco-Gozo vision should be achieved.

Your support is crucial to the success of eco-Gozo.  Together we will achieve the eco-island status: eco-Gozo, a better Gozo. 

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