Various artistic works to be enjoyed by the public

The first of four artistic works from a total of 43 were chosen from the Public Art Scheme and installed in various sites around Gozo.  Through this scheme launched by the Ministry for Gozo in 2010, the first of its kind in Malta and Gozo, works of art can now be exhibited in public.

Public Art in GozoThese works are Il-Menħir by ceramist Kathleen Formosa which was placed at the Three Hills Garden in Marsalforn with a height of two metres and worked in grogged high temperature terracotta.  Merħba bil-fjuri – Welcome to Gozo is a 13.5 metres long mosiac mural by Mary Portelli which is located at Mgarr Harbour.  Another two works of art are found at Villa Rundle Gardens. These are the sculpture in Globigerina Limestone ‘Gozo Gossiping’ by Joe Xuereb, which has a height of 180 centimetres, and Senerita by Angelo Agius made from bronze.

Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Giovanna Debono inaugurated these artistic works and expressed her satisfaction for all those who submitted their maquettes and for their creativity which is a proof of the great talent found in these islands.  It is planned that by the end of this year, a total of 13 different works of art will embellish different areas in Gozo. Minister Debono explained how this scheme is one of the initiatives taken in respect of the ecoGozo action plan 2010-2012 which gives the opportunity to Gozitans and all those visiting the island to admire these works of art in open public spaces.

The Hon. Giovanna Debono stated that this call gave an opportunity to every Gozitan and Maltese artist to submit original maquettes, which some of them were chosen to be made on a larger scale to compliment various public spaces and rural areas in Gozo.

In all, 64 different artists from Malta and Gozo participated in the Public Art Scheme with a total submission of 120 maquettes.  The materials used for these public works of art vary between bronze, wood, terracotta, Gozitan hardstone, mosiac, Gozitan limestone and stainless steel.

 The inaugurated four works of art can now be seen by all those visiting Villa Rundle Gardens in Victoria and Three Hills Garden in Marsalforn and all the passengers arriving in Gozo at Mgarr Harbour.

Public Art in Gozo  Public Art in Gozo    Public Art          Public Art