The Ministry for Gozo supports ICT project

The ICT Gozo Malta Project (ICTGM) which will be led by a consortium composed of Synaptic Laboratories (Synaptic) and the Gozo Business Chamber, was recently launched in Gozo.  This project will benefit from a total grant of €50,000 under the scheme for NGOs launched by the Ministry for Gozo to implement projects related to the eco-Gozo action plan.

ict-climate-change-006The main aim of this project is to coordinate and integrate initiatives related to the Information Technology sector through a portal that serves as an electronic forum to encourage, attract and facilitate international collaboration in ICT and Research and Development, with an emphasis on internet security.  This project has the potential to form clusters of excellence with direct and indirect economic benefits and the creation of more jobs.  This is an excellent opportunity for Gozo for the development of this important sector and for the creation of new value-added jobs which are vital for the economy of this island.

The ICT Gozo Malta Project was launched during an activity held in a main hotel in Gozo where the Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Jason Azzopardi, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Businesses and Land, Hon. Frederick Azzopardi, Parliamentary Assistant within the Ministry for Gozo together with  representatives from Government agencies forming part of the project steering committee were present.

In her address, the Minister for Gozo remarked that the financing of this project, which derives from the eco-Gozo financial scheme for NGOs, shows how the economic sector is an important pillar in the eco-Gozo vision, apart from the three other important pillars: environment, society and culture and identity.  All these four important sectors will help in the sustainable development of this island.  This project will address specific measures found in the eco-Gozo action plan such as the implementation of the one-stop-shop for the assistance of more investment in Gozo.  Another measure to be implemented through the ICTGM project  is the conduction of  a study on the IT connectivity of the island.

The Hon. Jason Azzopardi stated how the IT sector is becoming increasingly important, especially for the economic development of the island.  Last year, the government has invested around €1 billion in this sector that has the potential for the creation of more jobs.  He also explained how  in terms of  e-Government in Malta is the second most advanced country in Europe.  While praising this project, the Hon. Azzopardistated that it also addresses government's objectives to make the ICT sector one of the main pillars of our economy.

The conference was also addressed by Mr Joe Grech, Chairman of the Gozo Business Chamber, Mr David Pace, Director of this project and Mr Ron Kelson, Executive Eead of Synaptic and co-founder of the project, who explained how this company has established in Gozo after the government invested in the necessary infrastructure for such work to be carried out in Gozo.  Claudio Grech, chairman of MITA and Dr Gordon Grech, economist who has recently completed a study on the human resources strategy for Gozo which is another initiative in the eco-Gozo action plan have also addressed the audience.

The ICT Gozo Malta Project is one of 38 different projects funded through the eco-Gozo scheme for NGOs. This project  is receiving a grant of € 50,000- which is part of a total allocation of €1.24 million distributed amongst 37 different NGOs.