Infrastructural work at the Government’s farm in Gozo

Infrastructural works are underway at the Government Farm in Xewkija with the aim of developing the site in a Centre of Research, Development and Innovation in Agriculture as part of the eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012.  This project is being carried out by the Ministry for Gozo in collaboration with the University of Malta.

 Copy of MGOZ 26082011 05The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo visited the site where infrastructural works are proceeding well.  Around half a million Euro are being invested for new administrative space and other facilities in connection with this centre.  Other works include the building of three new laboratories, modernisation of glass-houses, excavation of two water reservoirs, aviary for poultry and pens for cows.  New machinery was also procured to help in the daily running of the farm. 

 It is planned that this centre will host and promote environmentally friendly practices in the agricultural sector and in the rearing of animals and poultry.  Studies will be conducted on the cultivaation of plants, vegetables, endemic fruit trees as well as on the better preservation of water and soil resources. An investment in a  computerised irrigation system will be installed in the Farm which will also serve as a study on the sustainable use of water in agriculture.

Minister Debono stated that this project by the Ministry for Gozo is another one in line with the Government's vision to turn Gozo in an ecological island.  This project aims to strengthen the agricultural sector in Gozo, through the provision of more information and assistance to farmers.  The Hon. Giovanna Debono also stated that this centre will also serve as an agri-touristic attraction.  "The rural environment of this island is an important characteristic of Gozo. Apart from serving as a centre of innovation in the agricultural sector, this project will also be a value added initiative through which the touristic product will be enhanced especially in the agro-touristic sector", said the Minister for Gozo.