Partnering for Water Conservation in Gozo

NEL 4297

The Coca-Cola Company, via its international philanthropic leg The Coca-Cola Foundation, has awarded a grant of $800,000 to a Water Stewardship program under the Eco Gozo project. The program will be implemented by The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) and its local bottling partner, The General Soft Drinks Co Ltd (GSD), in partnership with the Ministry for Gozo and the international NGO Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean (GWP-Med), which will also be leading the administration of the project. The local environmental NGO Nature Trust Malta (NTM) will be implementing the educational component associated with the program. The programme will include the installation and repair of rainwater harvesting systems and non-conventional water systems, educational tools, as well as capacity-building workshops and an educational campaign This program will result in the collection and reuse of around 4-5 million litres of rainwater each year. 

The capacity of the island of Gozo to harvest rainwater will rise dramatically as a consequence of this project and a number of other eco-Gozo projects.

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