Qala local council benefits from Ministry for Gozo scheme

Qala village -

As part of the eco-Gozo scheme launched by the Ministry for Gozo for Local Councils and Administrative Committees, the Ministry for Gozo is financing a project which is being implemented by the Qala Local Council. The Qala Local Council has received a grant of ¬67,690 for the conversion of an old house of character into a Folklore Museum.

The Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo visited the site were works are at an advanced stage. She thanked and congratulated the Qala Local Council for its participation in this scheme and stated that with the construction of this museum, a new touristic attraction will be created, thus attracting more tourists in this locality. Minister Debono explained how this Folkor Museum in Qala will be a value added to this locality already known for the International Folk Festival that has been organised for the last 6 years. The Qala Menhir Group has also benefitted from the eco-Gozo scheme for NGOs with a financial aid of around ¬5000. This group has organised an international conference on "Gozo Heritage Stone" with the aim of increasing awareness of the islands' cultural heritage. "Sustaining folklore is one of the eco-Gozo objectives since it promotes and conserves the cultural and historical heritage that forms part of the distinct identity of Gozo" stated the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono.

This project is one of 13 projects being implemented by 11 local councils and Administrative Committees in Gozo, which are benefitting from a total financial aid of around ¬660,000. Through these two eco-Gozo schemes, one for NGOs and the other for Local Councils, a total of 51 projects are contributing for the sustainable development of Gozo, which in total are benefitting from around ¬2million.

All projects are related with the measures proposed in the eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012.