Ministry for Gozo launches a scheme for Schools in Gozo

DSC 1172All schools in Gozo will be benefitting from a maximum of ¬3,000 respectively for projects related to the eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012.  Apart from primary and secondary government schools, post-secondary, special schools and church schools will also be benefiting from this scheme.

This scheme was launched by the Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Giovanna Debono during an activity held at St. Therese Primary School in Kercem whereby the Minister for Gozo presented a set of books to the head of school.  These books, which were purchased through eco-Gozo funds, relate to sustainable development, environment, nature, health lifestyle, traditional food and local legends.It includes also a documentary DVD related to the Carbon Footprint.  These books will be distributed amongst all Gozitan schools. A set of these books will also be distributed to the Gozo Public Library and other reference libraries in Gozo.  A total of around 700 books will be donated.

The Minister Giovanna Debono stated that apart from an addition of books in each respective school library, the main aim of this initiative is to help children enhance their knowledge on sustainable development issues, culture and Gozitan traditions.  She also stated that by reading these books, students will have the opportunity to better appreciate our island and all that we have inherited from older generations.

She referred to the eco-Gozo scheme for schools that will be launched in the coming weeks and stated that students will benefit a lot from this scheme. The Hon. Giovanna Debono stated that this scheme will be launched following a meeting she had with a group of eco-School student representatives in Gozo where they proposed various projects to be implemented in their schools.  During the year, the Ministry for Gozo carries out various works of maintenance, restructuring and embellishment in all Gozitan Schools in order to offer a better environment to students.  Though this scheme, the Ministry for Gozo will continue to work in order to implement projects for the students benefit and the educational sector in Gozo stated the Minister Giovanna Debono.