Construction of water reservoir in Munxar financed by the Ministry for Gozo


At the Parish center of Munxar, where various social, cultural, religious and sports activities take place, water reservoir is currently being constructed with funding of around ¬43,600 from the Ministry for Gozo through the eco-Gozo scheme for NGOs, associated with the eco-Gozo action plan for 2010-2012. This funding also covers the acquisition of the necessary machinery which enables this water to be used for agricultural purposes as well as in residences of the locality.

The Minister for Gozo, Hon. Giovanna Debono visited the site where the Reservoir is being constructed and which will have a capacity of about 400 cubic meters of rainwater. While praising this initiative, the Minister for Gozo, stressed the importance of increased harvesting and conservation of rain water in Gozo. The Minister said that water is an important resource which is given prominence in Governments effort of transforming Gozo into an ecological island. She has added that this project is another link in the chain of projects expected to substantially increase the capacity of harvested rainwater. She stated that these projects will decrease the pressure on the water table. Minister Debono made reference to the program of the cleaning of valleys carried out by the Ministry of Gozo where 8 dams located in valleys around Gozo were cleaned. She said that these projects of water conservation will mean greater storage of rain water in the winter months, which can be used for agricultural or domestic use.

The Hon. Giovanna Debono said that through the same scheme, the location of Munxar will be benefiting from several other projects including the installation of an electrical system which uses less energy in the Parish center of Munxar and in the ground, and the installation of information panels in Xlendi Tower.

In Gozo there are currently ongoing projects related to water storage which include the construction of 8 reservoirs from NGOs and Local Councils in Gozo through the two schemes of eco-Gozo; restoration of reservoirs in government properties and construction of new reservoirs in a number of projects in Gozo.