Gozitan NGOs receive funds for eco-Gozo projects

Twelve Gozitan non Governmental Organisations received funds for their respective projects which have just been completed as part of the eco-Gozo scheme for Gozitan Non Governmental Organisations.  The other 25 organisations which benefitted from this scheme will receive their payment in the coming weeks once their project is fully implemented.

Slide115The Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono presented the cheques to the representatives of these organisations which concluded works on their respective projects.  Minister Debono stated that this scheme will result in the implementation of a total of 38 projects from 37 organisations, all of which involve initiatives related to the work by the Ministry for Gozo in the implementation of the eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012.  She expressed her satisfaction and praised the organisations for their participation in this scheme and for their efforts and dedication in successfully completing these projects.

The twelve NGOs include the Arka Foundation, Wirt Ghawdex, Gozo Football Association, Ghaqda Muzikali San Girgor, Gozo Football Club, Gozo Philatelic Society, Gozo Youth Football Association, Ghaqda Katekisti Munxar u Kor San Pawl, Leone Philharmonic Society, Betlehem fGhajnsielem Foundation, Munxar Falcons, Historical Cultural Committee, and Victoria International Arts Festival.

Projects implemented by these organisations included the building of reservoirs for an increased harvesting of rain water, new cleaner energy lighting system, restructuring and renovation of cultural facilities, more facilities for historical sites and production and distribution of publications to promote healthy lifestyles and good environmental practices.

38 projects by Gozitan NGOs under the eco-Gozo scheme are being implemented with an investment of 1.24 million.  Every organisation could have benefitted from a maximum of ¬50,000.