Eco-Gozo at the Healthy Weekend in Victoria

The Ministry for Gozo has participated in the Healthy Village Weekend initiative organised by the Victoria Local Council through its Health Promotion Unit and the Gozo Sports Complex. The Ministry also set up a stand focusing on the healthy lifestyle message conveyed through the Eco-Gozo vision, promoting healthy diets and lifestyles, active participation in sport and advice by Physiotherapists and Nurses who normally serve the public at the Gozo General Hospital. The stand also served to promote the services offered on the island by the Health Promotion Department and the Gozo Sports Complex.

Eco-Gozo at the Healthy Weekend in VictoriaThe event also involved about 150 students who normally partake in sporting activities which are held at the Gozo Sports Complex during the weekend. Among the disciplines and initiatives represented were Football Skills, Kids Blitz, gymnastics, basketball, cycling, abseiling, table tennis, break-dance and martial arts.

Fitness classes which are held jointly by the Health Promotion Unit and the Gozo Sports Complex were also held at Independence Square during this weekend of activites.

Minister Giovanna Debono visited the event and inspected the service which was being given to the public through the Ministry’s Eco-Gozo stand. She met Nurses and Physiotherapists who were giving information and guidance on common-day healthy practices. She also met with the Skola Sport young participants who were active at Independence Square at that time.