Gozo participates in a National Conference related to Sustainable Development

Challenges and opportunities related to the development of Gozo were discussed during a conference held at the Bishops Curia in Victoria, Gozo.  This session was held in Gozo following two sessions held in Malta as part of the activities related to the National Conference on Sustainable Development in Malta and Gozo.  The conference Enough for everyone  Environment Resources and Sustainable Development in Malta and Gozo was organised by the Inter-diocesan Commission for the Environment in collaboration with the Maltese Water Association (MWA), Flimkien g'al Ambjent A'jar (FAA) and Directorate for eco-Gozo and Regional Development within the Ministry for Gozo.

Gozo participates in a National Conference related to Sustainable DevelopmentWhile addressing the conference, the Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo explained how the matters discussed are directly related with the Governments vision for Gozo, that of eco-Gozo.  She expressed her satisfaction for this initiative and stated that the discussion being held is a proof of the interest and commitment towards the sustainable development of the islands.  The commitment by the Ministry for Gozo in this regard is a reflection of the eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012 stated the Hon. Giovanna Debono.  She explained how the Ministry for Gozo completed work, and other work is underway on more than half of the 80 measures listed in action plan which includes socio-economic measures related to sectors of the environment, economy, social and cultural identity.  The Ministry for Gozo emphasised the importance of sharing of knowledge and collaboration in order to reach sustainable development objectives, both at the national level and particularly at the regional level.

The conference which was inaugurated by H.L. Mgr. Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo was also addressed by the Hon. Anton Refalo, main spokesman for the Labour Party for Gozo and Mr Michael Bajada, representative for Alternattiva Demokratica for Gozo.