Ministry for Gozo finances project for Dar Karmni Grima Museum.

New-Image-JcrUgw1HDThrough a scheme launched by the Ministry for Gozo, a project coordinated by a committee within the Ta Pinu National Sanctuary is being funded for the purchasing of show cases to be used in the Dar Karmni Grima Museum.

The Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Giovanna Debono visited this museum, the house where Karmni Grima lived, where conservation and restoration works are being carried out with the aid of the European Regional Development Fund 2007-2013.  She sustained that the Ministry for Gozo fully supports this project and will be assisting by financing the purchase of four show cases which will exhibit to the general public the religious objects related to Karmni Grima.  Such financing is possible through the eco-Gozo scheme for NGOs as part of the eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012.

The Minister Giovanna Debono stated that through this project, Ta Pinu Sanctuary together with other various entities in Gozo have joined the Ministry for Gozo in order to promote and consolidate the cultural heritage found in this island.  In such way, this heritage can be enjoyed by current and future generations, whilst also enhancing the islands touristic value. Religious tourism is an important niche in Gozos touristic sector and the building of this museum is instrumental in offering a unique experience to visitors who seek this type of tourism stated the Minister Debono.

The restoration and conservation project of Dar Karmni Grima Museum is being implemented through an investment of ¬400,000, 85% of which is co-financed through European Funds.  Works include structural works, installation of new lighting fixtures, an audio-visual presentation on the life of Karmni Grima and the message received by the Holy Mother, the  installation of a lift in order to provide accessibility to all, as well as the installation of solar powered energy system.  This is part of the project Discovering Religious and Cultural Tourism in Gozo, which includes the restoration of 12 paintings by Joseph Briffa which are reproduced in mosaic at Ta Pinu sanctuary.

This museum is situated at the beginning of G'arb street, originally the residenceof Karmni Grima, a woman from G'arb who had apparitions  from our Holy Mother during the nineteenth century.

11. 01. 2012