€25 Million for Eco-Gozo for 2010-2012

During the reading of the Budget for 2010 currently in course in Parliament, Finance Minister Tonio Fenech has announced the substantial investment of €25 Million on Eco-Gozo for the forthcoming three years.

 The following is a section from Mieco-Gozo a better Gozonister Fenech’s speech concerning Eco-Gozo:

 Implementing our vision of Gozo as an ecological island

 Mr Speaker, the implementation of the eco-Gozo project is a primary Government objective.

  Eco-Gozo is a vision built on the island’s potential and on the capabilities of its people. We want to see a sustained improvement in the environment. We want the Gozitan economy to grow and to increase in wealth, with improvements having long-lasting effects. We want to see a united and inclusive society living in harmony with its surrounding environment.

 This year, we have been through an extensive consultation process to ensure that Government is working on a plan which addresses everyone’s aspirations. This vision has been translated in a list of recommendations which cover the economy, culture and identity. Now it is time to implement our promises.

Mr Speaker, I am tabling in the House the document called ‘Eco-Gozo – a better Gozo. Proposed action 2010-2012’ which lists 80 action points which Government is proposing to implement in the next three years. These are initiatives which build on what we have already achieved in Gozo.

 Mr. Speaker, Government is determined to implement the eco-Gozo project. For this reason, we are tonight committing the amount of 25 million euro over the next three years until the year 2012, with a 5 million euro allocation for 2010 in order for this process to commence next year.