Why should one opt to study at I.T.S?

Deciding to start a course at ITS is not just about joining any institute or university.

ITSApart from offering you a wide choice of programmes within the premises of the ITS Campus with multiple entry and exit points, we commit ourselves to provide you with abundant opportunities to learn and to thrive towards achieving your goals. You will have complete freedom to explore, learn about new subjects, meet new people, and pursue new passions. Each course has been designed that shall provide you different windows to view the world differently.

What do you have to benefit from if you opt to join ITS.

All ITS students are granted first hand experience within the tourism industry in line with their chosen area of specialization. During this experience all students are monitored to ensure that their practice is indeed serving as a fruitful one. This trade practice also assists students with the opportunity to start to prove themselves to potential employees and do not finish their studies with just a qualification.

Another fundamental experience which all ITS students engage in is an International work exposure. Whilst engaging in this experience students are not only offered the placement within the most renowned establishments of the tourism industry for a whole six month period, but students are also financially remunerated for the duties they engage in.

You are invited to visit us in person on Saturday the 2nd of June between 15:00 and 21:00 at the ITS in Qala to explore the life on our campus. Some people still think of our institute as a catering school, however today we offer a range of courses that cover the wider spectrum of our Tourism Industry. Come over to discuss your career opportunities! Refreshments will also be served!