Bins for recycled paper for more than 2300 Gozitan students

Bins for recycled paper for more than 2300 Gozitan studentsCardboard wastepaper bins were distributed to all classrooms in primary schools in Gozo giving the possibility to more than 2300 students attending these same schools to implement a paper recycling initiative.  Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo, addressed the schoolchildren and noted how through this activity they shall be contributing to ensuring a better Gozo.  Minister Debono gave this comment during an activity held at Kercem Primary school on the occasion of the World Environment Day when this same initiative was launched.

 These paper recycling containers can be even coloured and are designed to be specifically eye-catching for children.  The main character on the bins is Kikku, the children’s voice for ecoGozo. Kikku, was also present for this activity and accompanied the children with the initial disposing of waste paper in these bins.

 The Hon. Giovanna Debono stated that this is another initiative taken by the Ministry for Gozo in order to promote good environmental practices while also educating children to take better care of the environment.  This initiative will offer the possibility to children to dispose of waste paper in a friendly container made of recycled carton. This will also see the children participating actively in the wider context of recycling waste paper.  These cardboard bins will be also distributed in public places in Gozo. 

 Minister Debono mentioned another similar initiative as part of the ecoGozo Action Plan 2010-2012 where a number of compost bins were distributed to all Gozitan schools in order to turn organic waste into compost which in turn can be used in the schools’ garden.  She encouraged students and educators to make use of these bins and to also recycle paper at home in order to further instil a more environment-friendly mentality.

 Other educational measures related to ecoGozo include the launching of the song “Ma Kikku ghal Eko Ghawdex”, Kikku’s diary and the section of the new website dedicated to children.  Also, during these weeks, the Save and Reduce campaign is currently being held in Gozo where a group of trained personnel are visiting Gozitan households on how to reduce energy and water consumption, and the application of sustainable technologies to generate sustainable energy and waste separation practices.  Information booklets are also being distributed in all households in Gozo as part of the Save and Reduce campaign.  This campaign is being implemented through a collaboration between the Ministry for Gozo and the Institute for Sustainable Energy within the University of Malta.