Public consultation on the second ecoGozo Action Plan 2013-2015

have your say - CopyA public consultation related to the second ecoGozo Action Plan 2013-2015 was launched earlier this morning.  The scope of this consultation is to give the opportunity to everyone to have their say and air their views, ideas and proposals they wish to see implemented in the next three years under this proposed Action Plan.  During the same Conference, another document A vision of an eco-Island was presented. This document incorporates the proposals received during the first public consultation period which led to the eventual drafting of the first ecoGozo Action Plan for the period 2010-2012.  This document gives a clear outline of how Gozitans wish to see their island develop and should therefore serve as a good tool from which to choose actions to be included in the coming ecoGozo ActionPlan 2013-2015.

Hon. Giovanna Debono, Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Gozo explained how in these last four years, the Ministry for Gozo had carried out an intensive implementation to coordinate and finalise a number of actions for the realisation of this vision.  The Minister also stated that this is not solely a Government proposal, but the participation by various stakeholders during the past years has shown that this vision was welcomed and accepted from the Gozitan population as an opportunity to enhance the islands potential for sustainable development.  This vision was built on the suggestions Gozitans made to the Government during the years.  In such a way, this vision is a peoples project and the Government showed determination to continue the implementation of this vision which foresees a better future for Gozo and for all those who visit this island, stated the Minister Giovanna Debono.

After the launching of the first public consultation, the first Action Plan 2010-2012 was launched. This Action Plan identified 82 proposals which were to be implemented during the said period. At present, 61 of these 82 recommendations have been or are presently in their final stages of implementation.  In addition, the Ministry for Gozo has implemented a further 140 recommendations which had originally been proposed and included in the document A Vision for and eco-Island

Once again, everyone is being invited to participate in this public consultation exercise during the next month in order to define the actions which shall be implemented during the next three years stated Minister Debono, whilst explaining how work on these actions was balanced between four main pillars: Economy, Environment, Society and Culture and Identity.  The involvement of Local Councils, Administrative Committees and Non Governmental Organisations led to the active participation of all localities in Gozo with the aim of making Gozo a better Gozo.

The public is invited to send proposals by Friday, 28th September 2012 either through facebook on (, the web-portal at, email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or by post. At present, printed material is being distributed in all Gozitan households which includes informative material on what has been implemented and what is being planned for this public consultation.  This printed material includes a postage-paid postcard which one can use to send proposals related to the second public consultation.  Apart from this written feedback, the Ministry for Gozo is also planning a series of meetings with Gozitan stakeholders.

All proposals will be evaluated together with those present in the original document in order to identify those recommendations best suited for the second ecoGozo Action Plan 2013-2015.

The full document A vision for an eco-Island as well as the full list of projects implemented under the first ecoGozo Action Plan 2012-2012, can be accessed through the website



Ë A Vison for an Eco-Island


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Public consultation on the second ecoGozo Action Plan 2013-2015