The Institute of Tourism Studies launches a healthy eating campaign

The Institute of Tourism studies in Qala has just launched a new programme regarding healthy eating practices for Gozitan students attending the forth year in secondary schools. This project forms part of the eco-Gozo educational programme. 

The Institute of Tourism Studies launches a healthy eating campaign

In these twice-weekly sessions for different groups of students, practical information is given on both the institute and the courses offered, as well as on healthy practices particularly those related to personal hygiene and food.  The participants benefit from a hands-on-experience, while together with their teachers, they prepare healthy and wholesome food.  During these sessions, professional chefs explain to the students about the choice of the cooking methods in order to prepare healthy foods and menus.                   

The Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Giovanna Debono visited ITS during one of these sessions, where she praised this initiative which is not only beneficial for Gozo and to the eco-island venture, but it also helpful to those students who are deciding on their future career.  Minister Debono explained how this educational programme in relation to the eco-Gozo vision is striving  to widen society's knowledge in relation to healthy practices so as to achieve the goal of a better quality of life in Gozo. 

The institute for Tourism Studies, inaugurated in May 2009, offers modern facilities which allow hands-on training through the use of individual stations, computer laboratories, a restaurant and a training hotel.

Currently, 30 full-time students are attending courses at this institute while another 32 are enrolled as part-time students.  Courses include Food Preparation and Production, Food and Beverages Services, Food Hygiene and wine.  This year, this institute, which also incorporates a training hotel, offered accommodation to 35 persons. 

It is anticipated that in the following weeks a television programme about Maltese recipes will be starting with the participation of students from this institute.