Restoration works carried out by Wirt Ghawdex and sponsored by the Ministry for Gozo have been inaugurated

silosThe historical heritage of our island is an essential part of the various characteristics which give Gozo its distinctive identity, and thus it is important for this heritage to be appreciated and conserved.  Hon. Giovanna Debono stated this during the inauguration of restoration works at the historical buildings known as porvlista, mines, shelters and grain silos at the Citadel. 

These works were being coordinated by Wirt Ghawdex as part of a larger project which included the restoration of the St Cecilia medieval chapel found in the limits of Ghajnsielem. This project is one of 38 projects proposed by 37 Non Governmental Organisations under the ecoGozo scheme for NGOs related with the first ecoGozo Action Plan 2010-2012.  A total of ¬1.2million was allocated to this scheme where various organisations completed social, cultural, environmental and infrastructural related projects.

Wirt Ghawdex was one of 20 organisations which benefitted from the total financing under this scheme which amounted to ¬50,000. Through this aid, Wirt Ghawdex coordinated also public awareness programmes so that one can better appreciate and further enjoy these two historical sites in Gozo.

Minister Giovanna Debono expressed her gratitude and appreciation to Wirt Ghawdex for the coordination of these works which aims at the sustainable development of these sites as listed in the ecoGozo project.  Minister explained how this scheme highlighted the valid contribution of such organisations. The Hon. Giovanna Debono noted how the participation of Non Governmental Organisations and Local Councils and Administrative Committees in similar schemes helped in the implementation of various projects related to the ecoGozo Action Plan.

The restoration project coordinated by Wirt Ghawdex includes the installation of wooden passageways, energy saving lighting system and the general cleaning and maintenance works.  The organisation also published a booklet and information panels were installed in order to give more information on these historical sites.