Green Flag award for two schools in Gozo

Two primary schools within the Gozo College were awarded the Green Flag during a ceremony as part of the ekoSkola annual seminar held in Gozo, at the Nadur Primary school.  This event also included the introduction of two new environment programs in Gozitan schools: Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) and Learning About Forests (LEAF).


The Hon. Giovanna Debono presented the third Green Flag to the Xaghra Primary School and the second Green Flag to the Nadur Primary School. Meanwhile, the Victoria Primary School was given the Silver Award.

Minister for Gozo congratulated the schools for these awards and expressed her satisfaction for the students who are participating in the EkoSkola programme, along with another 11 million children from around 53 countries. Students involvement and participation in such environment programmes is in conformity with the Ministry for Gozo aims to make Gozo a better island. Minister Giovanna Debono stated that the initiatives by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) help students to learn to respect the environment from their early years. In this regard, the Minister encouraged students to participate in YRE and LEAF, as these initiatives are important since they encourage more students to appreciate our surrounding environment. She also referred to other afforestation projects being carried out by the Ministry for Gozo which are managing to create further recreational and open spaces to be enjoyed by the families and children.

This seminar was also addressed by Mr Vincent Attard, Coordinator of the Foundation for Environment Education in Malta (FEE Malta). The programme included a feature entitled ESD in Schools: How EkoSkola changed my life... and included various student experiences on this programme and also information on the local ecoSkola project in the last ten years.  Two workshops were also conducted as an introduction to these two programmes. The YRE programme which encourages investigative journalism about the environment is now in its fifth year in secondary schools and is being introduced in primary schools as well.  On the other hand, LEAF programme encourages schools to participate in projects related to trees, parks and natural plains. This programme was launched as a pilot project in selected schools last year but has now been extended to all the schools that would like to participate.

For this seminar teachers and students from ten primary Gozo College schools were in attendance.