EcoGozo funded school gym at Gozo College Zebbug Primary

ecoGozo school schemeGozo College Zebbug Primary is aiming high to integrate and accelerate three dimensional learning in the school curriculum. To enhance the attainment of three dimensional learning, the school is currently focusing on the cross curricular project entitled Defeating Obesity through Sports and Healthy Eating. This project aims at giving each and every child an equal opportunity to improve his/her skills on three fundamental dimensions of learning  – physical (balance, flexibility, endurance), mental (increased concentration, alertness, problem solving) and social (self-confidence, teamwork, leadership).

To reach this goal, the school gym is being completely modernised thanks to the initiative of EcoGozo.  In fact a new EcoGozo funded interlocking rubber tiling will be installed to cover the whole flooring of the school gym.  Besides, new sports equipment will also be installed in the gym.  The school gym is also being completely refurbished courtesy of Gozo College and the Education Office.  This project compliments the opening of the three school gardens opened in January by the EkoSkola Committee during Arbor Day.  The new safe, nurturing and non-competitive gym environment will be officially opened this spring and will be used regularly by all children during their Physical Education lessons, cardiovascular exercises as well as aerobic and fitness classes for the local community.  

ecoGozo school scheme  ecoGozo school scheme