Minister for Gozo launched a second scheme for the restoration of wind-powered water pumps

Copy of Restawr tal-irdieden tar-rih

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, the Minister for Gozo launched a second scheme for the restoration of wind-powered water pumps. This scheme is was launched in the framework of the Eco-Gozo programme.  Through the first scheme held last year, the Ministry for Gozo supported the restoration of a total of nineteen wind-powered water pumps.

At a press conference in Lunzjata Valley, during activities held in connection with World Environment Day, the Hon. Giovanna Debono stated that this is one of a number of schemes which will be launched to promote the protection of the Gozitan countryside.  She also said that such scheme would help in promoting a Gozitan tradition that in turn will help in the social, economical, environmental and cultural development of the island. "I hope that many of those who are in possession of such wind-powered pumps to take advantage from this scheme, as others have done before.  Besides being in the owner's interest, the restoration of these features would also be beneficial for the whole island" the Hon. Giovanna Debono stated.

Persons eligible for this scheme should be Gozitan residents owners of wind pumps who are either owners of agricultural or agri-tourism land or registered farmers that have their land registered under the IACS.  This scheme is also being extended for those who are not registered as farmers and whose land is not used for economical purposes. Applicants approved under this scheme will be entitled for a maximum financial aid of 75% of the costs of purchase of material and work related to the restoration of these pumps that will result in the e-instatement of such pumps. The financial aid for each applicant is capped at ¬1000 for each system.

Applications are to be submitted at the Projects and Development Department, Ministry for Gozo, St Francis Square, Rabat by not later than Wednesday 30th June 2010.