Another initiative in favour of sustainable use of water in Gozo

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DSC 3048 - CopyResidencies in all Gozitan localities started receiving water saving kits with the aim of increasing awareness and education on the sustainable use of water and to increase conservation of this scarce resource in the mean sea level aquifer. This initiative is part of the Sustainable Domestic Water Use in Mediterranean Regions (SWMED) project which is co-financed by the European Union under the ENPI CBC MED programme. The Ministry for Gozo, as one of the partners in this project, has undertaken this initiative in line with the ecoGozo Action Plan.

Around 30,000 water-saving devices, which can be used in various rooms including the kitchen and bathroom, have been specifically grouped in twelve thousand kits and are being distributed in Gozo. The distribution of these water-saving kits has been planned meticulously, with each locality receiving a different kit. Each kit may include a shower timer, a flow meter bag, a kitchen swivel aerator which can also be used in the bathroom, a shower head, a shower switch, a toilet tank bag and an aerator.

Each Gozitan family will be receiving by post a voucher that entitles them for a free water-saving kit. The kits can be redeemed by residents from authorised personnel, who will be distributing these kits door-to-door, in exchange of the said voucher.   

Another part of the project, to be carried out following the distribution of these water-saving kits, includes an analysis of the water consumption in each different locality. This activity shall be carried out in a year’s time by the Malta Resources Authority and the Ministry for Gozo. This will help to identify the most efficient kits which will then be distributed on a national basis and around the Mediterranean region.

Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Giovanna Debono, stated that this is not the only project in Gozo related to the conservation and sustainable use of water.  Other projects carried out during this legislature include the distribution of water aerators in Gozitan households, cleaning of valleys which resulted in more than 43 million litres of water saved annually, an information campaign in all Gozitan households regarding methods on energy and water efficiency, as well as the building of water reservoirs through the ecoGozo scheme for Local Councils and Non Governmental Organisations and also other reservoirs through the investment by the Coca Cola Foundation.

The Ministry for Gozo is one of the seven partners in the SWMED project and was allocated a co-financed total of around €120,000 to implement this project.

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