Eco Gozo: towards a sustainable future

Eco gozo - towards a sustainable future poster 42X75inches - Copy

Between the 10th and 17th May 2013, an exhibition at the Ministry for Gozo is showcasing the various projects being planned or carried out in Gozo in relation with the ecoGozo vision by the Ministry for Gozo and other stakeholders.

The exhibition features a selection of projects undertaken by the Ministry for Gozo itself, Local Councils, Administrative Committees and NGOs in Gozo related to different sectors, namely the Economy, the Social dimension, the Environment and Cultural Identity. It also lists a number of priorities which the new Government is focusing upon at the start of the current Legislature. 


Introduction to the ecoGozo exhibition
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Wallboard (2)
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Kids wallboard (1)
Kids wallboard (2)
Gozo Map (depicting the various projects done)
EkoGhawdex: lejn futur sostenibbli (MT)


ecoGozo exhibition

The Ministry for Gozo Exhibition Hall set up for the ecoGozo exhibition.