Travelling to Gozo in a sustainable manner


Local company promoting greener travel in line with the ecoGozo project.

The Thomas Cook Group is one of the travel agents which is promoting sustainable travelling as part of their destination of excellence programme. The group has set targets that by 2020, its operations shall ensure that clients are among others;

* respecting the local cultures and the natural environment,

* buying local,

* giving fair economic returns to local families,

* recognising that water and energy are precious resources that need to be used carefully,

* helping to protect endangered wildlife,

* protecting and enhancing favourite destinations for the future enjoyment of visitors and the people who live there, and

* taking responsibility for their actions while enjoying themselves.

To this end travellers to Gozo are provided with a set of ‘tips’ on how to protect the environment. For more information regarding how the company’s measures are being implemented around the world, click here to download a copy of the Thomas Cook Sustainability Report 2012.