An eco-lovers guide to Gozo

goodtrippersThe website have carried out an article regarding the possibility of having an eco-friendly holiday in Gozo.  This website features the best eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable and responsible travel options  luxury eco resorts and simple homestays.

"The Maltese island of Gozo has more than enough for those looking for an eco-friendly holiday&Gozo, just under 70 square kilometers in size, is part of the Maltese archipelago consisting of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Gozo has embarked on an ambitious yet achievable vision to transform into an ecoisland by 2020. Supported by a keen and committed sustainable community the quality of life in Gozo is constantly improving through education, economic development and social progress. The Gozitan lifestyle, the islands environment, resources, culture and identity are all being protected, and all play a significant part in attracting more visitors and investors to the island. Here are some eco-friendly ways to holiday on Gozo"

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