The Ministry for Gozo launches the travel to Gozo weekend: Valentine special

The Ministry for Gozo believes that there is untapped potential for further growth for the island of Gozo. The Ministry for Gozo is focusing on policies to strengthen Gozos unique elements.

MGOZ 01022014 02 - CopyThis morning, Minister for Gozo Anton refalo announced the initiative Travel to Gozo Weekend-Valentine Special. This innovative initiative is being undertaken in collaboration with the Bank of Valletta and with the support of Gozo Channel, Gozo Tourism Association and the Gozo Business Chamber. Gozo Channel fares will be lowered by almost fifty per cent between the 14th and 16th of February. Specifically, passenger fares are lowered from E4.65 to E1.50, whilst fares for non-commercial  vehicles will decrease from E15.70 to E8.50. These tariff prices will apply to all journeys between Friday 14 February from 19.15hr to the first trip Monday at 01.30hr.

Mr. Joe Cordina, Gozo Channels chairperson announced that the company will operate according to expected demand and if necessary run shuttle service as well. Mr. Joe Cordina mentioned how successful the company has been, in being able to reduce the losses by E600,000 without affecting the service. During 2013, Gozo Channel vessels carried 118,500 passengers and 43,500 vehicles more than the previous year.

Gozo Tourism Association Chief Executive Officer Mr. Joe Muscat and Managing Director of the Gozo Business Chamber Mr. Michael Grech said that once again the tourism sector and businesses in Gozo have backed the government in such schemes, since such measures alleviate the impact of seasonality effects during winter months. During this weekend, 38 tourist establishments will participate through this scheme by offering various special offers that could be found on Amongst participants of accommodation services, there are hotels and farmhouses in Gozo, many restaurants scattered all over the island mall, shops, tourist attractions and even establishments offering authentic typical experiences and products.

In his address the Bank of Valletta Chairperson John Cassar White stated that,  as the leading financial services provider and an active corporate citizen, Bank of Valletta has always held Gozo in high regard. We are eager to assist wherever possible to generate economic growth on this island. This is why we are pleased to be associated with this initiative, which aims at attracting business to Gozo during the low season. Speaking about the Banks involvement in Gozo, he said, Over the past years, the Bank has undertaken various initiatives to help promote sustainable development in Gozo, not only from an economic perspective but also in terms of supporting social and cultural initiatives.

In his closing remarks, the Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo mentioned how the government is geared towards attracting tourists specifically to the island of Gozo also by incentivizing local internal tourism. In this regard the government is determined to give back the internal tourism sector the importance it deserves.

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