Special activities for Gozitan students

"Gozitan primary school students who will be attending state schools as well as Church schools in Gozo during the upcoming scholastic year, will be offered the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities related with the eco-Gozo action plan, organised by the Special Activities Section within the Gozo College. This will signify the implementation of two out of eighty measures included in the eco-Gozo Action plan for the years 2010-2012, that relate to the promotion of physical activity, sport and healthy lifestyles. This initiative confirms that Government's eco-Gozo vision incorporates all socio-economic aspects in accordance with sustainable development principles''

Special activities for Gozitan studentsThe Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo said this during a meeting held with a group of teachers from the Special Activities Section during which they presented her with a report of extra-curricular activities organised during the scholastic year 2009/2010. This formed part of the eco-Gozo implementation programme administered by the Directorate for eco-Gozo and Regional Development within the Ministry for Gozo. The report includes information, photos and handouts distributed to students during the respective activities that integrate Gozo's natural environment with accademic subjects such as mathematics, religion and social studies.

Minister Giovanna Debono announced that Gozitan school students starting primary school this September will be grouped in order that between October and November each group would participate in a programme of walks within Comino's countryside. This activity will also include talks about Comino Tower by representatives from Din l-Art Helwa as well as geological information about the island. The Minister said that other activities throughout the coming scholastic year will include swimming sessions in collaboration with Arka Respite Centre, as well as climbing and cycling. A treasure hunt within the Citadel bastions is also expected to be a favourite activity within the programme. The Minister explained how these practical activities are basic elements in the preparation of educational programmes that offer practical sessions together with academic studies. Another interesting aspect of this programme involves the organisation of night hikes that offer parents the opportunity to join in these experiences together with their children and their teachers. This will also allow for the implementation of another eco-Gozo measure that aims to promote healthy lifestyles from schools to the community.

During the past year, the Special Activities Section within the Gozo College organised a number of activities during school hours such as countryside walks, cycling, climbing, treasure hunts, swimming and gymnastics. Other activities were organised outside normal school hours so as to encourage parents to attend. Amongst the activities organised were night hikes, walks in Comino and other activities that formed part of the Lejlet Lapsi, Notte Gozitana 2010 programme of events.