The 10th EkoSkola Parliamentary Session

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76 students from 38 schools had the opportunity of their life this morning when they came face to face with the countrys policymakers for a lively debate that focused mainly on the quality of life of Maltese citizens. This is not a first for the EkoSkola programme since for the past ten consecutive years this has been an annual appointment spanning three legislatures. The event was organized by Nature Trust (Malta), the local representatives of FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) who run the EkoSkola programme, under the auspices of the Office of the Speaker. HSBC has this year teamed up with EkoSkola through its Catch the Drop Campaign in schools.

Conscious of the high profile of the occasion and resolute in their intent to drive the message home EkoSkola students raised various concerns about a number of issues namely; Energy resources; Waste management; Water conservation; The Familys pivotal role in todays society and student empowerment amongst others. The topics had been identified by the EkoSkola students during the 3rd EkoSkola Young People's Environmental summit held last March.

The Motion that was read at the beginning of the session was however the highlight of the event as it summed up the whole idea behind this special yearly event. Students called for the country leaders to take heed of their suggestions and support them by taking concrete actions in their quest to better the quality of life in their respective school communities.  We are always ready to commit ourselves because we believe that if we have a better environment, our health will be better. And if our health is better, we can enjoy a happier life and a healthier society said the students.   

The EkoSkola Parliamentary sitting is a unique opportunity for students to discuss important issues with the country's policy makers, said HSBC Senior Manager, Environmental Programmes, Sue Alexander, on her visit from London. This years focus on waste, water, energy, family and education, ties in perfectly with HSBCs Catch the Drop Campaign, as part of the global HSBC Water Programme, and encourages students to be more aware of environmental issues and take action within their community."

The 10th EkoSkola parliamentary sitting was chaired by the Hon. Speaker, Dr. Anglu Farrugia and attended by more than 20 Members of Parliament from both parties. The MPs present were not only overtly impressed with the students interventions but also vouched to take heed of their suggestions. The Prime Minister; Dr. Joseph Muscat and the Leader of the Opposition; Dr. Simon Busuttil also addressed the students. 

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