WED - World Environment Day 2014

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Today is World Environment Day, which this year carries the theme Raise your Voice, not the sea level

The Ministry for Gozo, through ecoGozo,  is actively pursuing action against Climate Change through a number of projects, among which:

-          Several renewable energy projects, including the installation of photovoltaic systems

-          The cleaning of dams and other water harvesting facilities in Gozaitan valleys

-          The construction and repair of reservoirs

-          Innovation in the Agricultural sector

-          The planting of more trees on the island

-          Promoting electromobility through the installation of a network of charging points for electric cars

-          Ongoing awareness and educational campaigns in schools and on the social media

 You are invited to join in our ecoGozo project both through personal choices and invovlement in your community.

Wed love to keep in touch through our website and facebook page.