Ongoing Works at Marsalforn Valley, Gozo

Works Have Now Reached an Advanced Stage

3The Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo, has recently visited Marsalforn Valley to keep tabs with the ongoing works. Ministry officials and officers from the EcoGozo Regional Development Directorate were also present to explain the works involved in the project. 


The Minister lauded the works being done by the EcoGozo Regional Development Directorate and stated that it is the Government's vision to safeguard and improve Gozo's environment. Dr Refalo also stated that the implementation of such projects will ensure Gozo reaches an eco-Island status in the future.


The Marsalforn Valley project is one of the initiatives implemented by the EcoGozo Regional Development Directorate to upkeep Gozitan valleys and thus increase the water retention capacity to store rainwater during the rainy season.


As part of this ongoing project, 950m of the valley have been cleared of debris and works have now reached an advanced stage. In fact, now that all cleaning has been done, the Directorate will implement the next stage of the project and start the construction and the maintenance of the walls that serve to shield the valley. Furthermore, there will also be a complete restructuring of the road alongside the same valley.


This project will help decrease the possibility of flooding in the valley that leads to Marsalforn Bay and will also help increase the capacity of rainwater storage in the said valley by 4,500 cubic metres. This rainwater can be used by farmers for agricultural purposes and, as a result, there will be a reduction of ground water extraction.


It is also worth mentioning the recent Alter Aqua project which resulted in increased storage of rainwater in Gozo. This project, which was co-funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, included the construction and the restructuring of rubble walls at the Ramla Valley as well as the development of reservoirs in several primary schools in Gozo. 




Marsalforn Work