SWMED Workshop in Gozo

Second SWMED Workshop Held in Gozo

SWMED MEETINGThe SWMED project (Sustainable Domestic water use technologies in Mediterranean Regions) is co-financed by the European Union under the ENPI CBC MED Programme. The Ministry for Gozo is one of the seven Mediterranean partners in the project hailing from other European regions, the Middle East and North Africa.

It is a fact that the majority of the countries around the Mediterranean, especially those forming the southern part, have a problem of water shortage. This very problem is increasing with the passage of time hence the importance to plan projects that tackle this issue. Currently, there is an ongoing process of national consultation by the current government. This consultation will eventually lead the government to devise a strategy of water conservation and there is no doubt that this SWMED workshop will contribute towards this strategy.

The SWMED project is a pilot project and will serve to provide the necessary experience in the field of water use efficiency. The effects of such an experience will subsequently be enjoyed by Gozitan families and the country in general as the increase in water use efficiency will ultimately lead to decreased water tariffs. Further to this, the SWMED project will also be the stepping stone to a nationwide educational campaign on the efficient use of water.

This project is also part of the ecoGozo vision and is in line with the government's policy to have the country's resources, especially natural ones (which are very scarce!), used aptly and intelligently. This project is also part of the government's electoral promise to increase initiatives that help conserve water at household level.

Dr Christian Zammit, in the absence of the Minister for Gozo, Anton Refalo, emphasized that the main objective of this workshop was to convene all stakeholders who are, in one way or another, linked with our water resources. The combined ideas of the stakeholders involved should help improve the country's water use efficiency. Dr Zammit reiterated that all stakeholders should work together in a bid to improve our current water situation so that the current generation, as well as future ones, enjoy better water conditions.

Present for this workshop  were several mayors, representatives of local councils, representatives of the Water Corporation, representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Health and several members of environmental organizations. EcoGozo Regional Development Director Anthony Zammit, Ing. Joe Portelli, Ing. Marco Cremona and Mr. Manuel Sapiano from the Ministry of Energy and Health also addressed the workshop.