Renewable Energy Projects in Gozo

PVThe drafting of two new renewable energy projects has now been completed. The projects are an investment in alternative energy systems aimed to help combat the effects of global warming. They involve the installation of renewable energy facilities on the Tac-Cawla Housing Estate rooftops as well as Government properties These installations will increase the generation of green energy on the island of Gozo. Moreover, the projects will contribute to a reduction in the Maltese Islands' dependency on finite, fossil fuels for energy generation and will also reduce CO2 and other pollutant emissions.

These two projects are of significant importance not only to those in the immediate environment of the intervention sites, namely the residents, children and employees but also to society at large, due to their long-term benefits.


Tac-Cawla Housing Estate

The tac-Cawla Housing Estate is one of the sites chosen for the installation of these panels. 265 solar panels will be installed on various apartment roofs at this Housing Estate. It is estimated that combined, these will generate around 104,000 units of electricity per year. This is the equivalent to the yearly consumption of 28 families!

Government Buildings

Various Government sites were also chosen for the installation of photovoltaic panels. These sites are the Government Experimental, the Civil Abattoir, the Cold Stores, the Pitkali Market, the Manufacturing and Services Section, the NGO Centre, the Land & Public Registry Offices and the Administration Centre in St. Francis Square, Victoria. This project proposal was approved under ERDF Priority Axis 4: Climage Change and Resource Efficiency, in mid October 2013. In total, the systems will take up an area of 3,405 sq. m. with a size of 330 KWp. The systems are expected to generate an average of 471 MWh of green energy annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an average of 302 tonnes on an annual basis. The electricity generated from these systems will be equivalent to the average yearly consumption of 130 households. 

The tenders for these two projects have now been issued. These tenders can be accessed on

The tender reference number for the supply, installation and commissioning of Photovoltaic (PV) systems at tac-Cawla Social Housing Estate is CT 2091/2014.

The tender reference number for the supply, installation and commissioning of Photovoltaic (PV) systems on a number of Government building in Gozo is CT 3098/2014.