More sustainable use of rain-water

''One of the Ministry for Gozo's objectives with regards to the implementation of Government vision is that of transforming Gozo into an ecological island. The Ministry is working on an extensive project which encompasses the cleaning of a number of valleys and water catchment areas as a result of which it is envisaged that more rain water will be available in water catchment areas.''

More sustainable use of rain-waterThis was explained by the Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Giovanna Debono as she visited on-going works in Marsalforn Valley. The Hon. Frederick Azzopardi, Parliamentary Assistant within the Ministry for Gozo and other officials were also present. These works were announced by Minister Giovanna Debono in August following talks with the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) regarding the first valleys to be cleaned and the best practices to be used in order to make the least possible impact on the surrounding environment. Works were concentrated on the first of two water dams that are found in this valley, both of which will be cleaned and restored within this project. The soil retrieved through cleansing works is being stored in order that it may be used in the afforestation projects planned by the Ministry for Gozo. Similarly a considerable amount of stones collected during these works will be utilised for the building of rubble walls.

The Hon. Giovanna Debono had previously also made an on-site visit at Wied ta' {ejta. This valley, which is close to Marsalforn Valley, was cleared of a considerable amount of irresponsibly dumped waste. Works on the restoration of one of the dams in Wied ta' {ejta has now been completed.

The Ministry for Gozo is planning a 3-year project within which the major valleys and water dams on the island of Gozo will be cleaned and restored, natural environment conditions permitting. This project will be instrumental in a better collection of rain water consequently resulting in less pressure on the water table. Through the restoration of water dams, much of the rain water that usually flowed to the sea, will now be available for Gozitan farmers.

This project counts as one out of eighty proposals connected with the eco-Gozo action plan 2010-2012. The Ministry for Gozo is undertaking this plan which aims to raise Sustainable Development Standards in Gozo.