A Cleaner Gharb, A Cleaner Gozo

Eco-Truck and Eco-Cab at Gharb

DSC 8177The minister for Gozo Anton Refalo recently inaugurated the acquisition of two vehicles by the Gharb local council; an eco-truck and an eco-cab. The purchase of these vehicles is part of a larger project called Smart Civic Centre  funded under the First Scheme for Local Council projects related to the ecoGozo vision.

Dr Refalo reiterated that "the branding or distinctive stamp that we give to Gozo, is of an island where maximum priority is given to the care of the environment which we inherited from our ancestors, and that we are obliged to pass on, as intact as possible  if not even better  to our children."

The Ministry for Gozo has contributed the sum of EUR66,500 to this project, which also includes the establishment of a Childcare Centre in the same locality that opened its doors in 2013.

The eco-cab will provide ecological services to the residents of Gharb as well as members of the community with special needs and limited mobility. The service will also be provided to tourists visiting the areas. Furthermore, tourists visiting Wied il-Mielah can also make use of this vehicle. On the other hand, the eco-truck will replace an old polluting second-hand truck, therefore ensuring that the locality has a clean and sustainable vehicle to deal with the daily work in this locality, the minister said.

Dr Refalo congratulated the council on this initiative. He also encouraged more Local Councils to further invest in technology initiatives aimed towards a cleaner environment. Present for the inauguration were the Gharb Mayor David Apap, along with Councillors, the director of ecoGozo Anthony Zammit, Primary school students and Gharb Residents.