European Week for Waste Reduction in Gozo

Photo 7The EcoGozo Regional Development Directorate within the Ministry for Gozo, organised an event entitled 'Recreating by reusing' as part of the National activities being held during the European Week for Waste Reduction.

The activity was held on Tuesday 25th November at the Government Farm Hall in Xewkija, Gozo.

The opening speech was done by Ms. Liliana Curmi, Personal Secretary to Hon. Minister for Gozo, Dr. Anton Refalo. The guest speakers followed with presentations concerning waste reduction, recycling and reusing. Our first speaker, Mr. Jesmond Borg, lecturer at ITS (Gozo), talked about food storing and handling and also suggested recipes with left-over food. Ms. Hilda Grech from the Gozo College Girls Secondary gave various practical ideas on new creations from old jeans. Then it was time for Mr. Tony Zarb, an Agricultural Officer who talked about composting at home. Mr. Zarb also spoke about the importance of waste separation. Finally, Mary Portelli, artist, demonstrated how she creates artistic items from broken mugs or plates. Various items created by Ms. Portelli and Ms. Grech were exhibited.

Participants were given a booklet which features the information and recipes Mr. Borg talked about in his speech. Several copies of this booklet, titled Handling, Storing and Cooking with left-over food are still available and can be picked up from ecoGozo's offices in Victoria.

Reusing means preventing solid waste from entering the landfill, improving the communities and exerting less pressure on the environment. With a little effort from all the citizens, we will surely live a better quality of life.