EcoGozo Part of The Christmas in Gozo Programme

xmasingozoEcoGozo fully supports the activities being organised as part of the Christmas in Gozo programme. The events serve the purpose of enhancing Gozo’s cultural value whilst also giving the Island an economic boost during the festive period.  These are two of the four pillars upon which the ecoGozo project is built.

EcoGozo contributed financially towards the organisation of the events. Furthermore, a selection of items produced by ecoGozo will also be handed out to the people – especially children – attending the activities. EcoGozo’s coastal awareness bookmarks and coastal walk brochures are being distributed in Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem while the Handling, Storing and Cooking with left-over food booklet, issued during the European Week for Waste Reduction, is being disseminated at The Gozitano Agricultural Village.

Perhaps the most popular attraction in Gozo during this festive period is Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem, a project that has seen its inception in 2008 and that has been supported by ecoGozo ever since. EcoGozo has assisted the event by funding several green projects at Ta’ Passi Fields, where the event is taking place. In addition to this, ecoGozo also acknowledges the importance of putting to the fore local delicacies and crafts as is being done at The Gozitano Agricultural Village. This is an optimal way in which we can share our cultural heritage with tourists.

Children will be given an informational booklet when visiting Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem. This booklet, published on recycled paper, has several educational articles about traditional local Christmas practices. The booklet also features some questions whose answers can be found in the various venues scattered around Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem. A host of other activities will revolve solely around children’s participation. From talent shows and fun parks to storytelling, Gozo should be fun for children during these days.

The various activities organised between the 5th of December and the 4th of January will definitely help towards attracting more visitors to the island. These visitors will be able to get in the Christmas spirit while experiencing Gozo’s rich heritage through the entertaining and educational events that were prepared for this festive period. EcoGozo is supportive of all the activities that are taking place.