Minister for Gozo Meets Gozo Greyhounds Sports Club Volunteers

Certificates Presented to Young Volunteers

The young volunteers forming part of the Gozo Greyhounds Sports Club, who took part in the Gozo-Rocks! Clean and Green hikes around Gozo in 2014, were presented with certificates by the Minister for Gozo Dr Anton Refalo. This was done in recognition of their achievement as well as the excellent service these volunteers gave to the island by cleaning the areas they hiked.

During the ceremony held at the Ministry for Gozo, the Minister commended the hard work put in by these volunteers and thanked each and every participant for their hard work and many hours spent hiking and cleaning the perimeter of Gozo.

The Minister reiterated that these kind of activities are of huge importance for the development of the young volunteers as well as the improvement of Gozo. Such work should also make Gozo a more attractive destination for tourists.

Finally, Dr Refalo thanked the organiser of these hikes,  Louis Debattista, for his enthusiasm and commitment to improve the environment in Gozo.

What about 2015? The members of the Gozo Greyhounds Sports Club have already started hiking around Gozo. Click here to contact Mr Louis Debattista if you’re interested in joining. 

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