Fringefarm Talk

A Path to Sustainable Landscapes and Resilient Economy

Jos Willemsen, a Dutch landscape architect specialising in rural landscape development, will be taking us on a journey into the living world, revealing a new approach he likes to call “teaming with life” which allows both man and nature to optimize the benefits from the natural productivity and efficiency of ecosystems. For Malta and Gozo, Willemsen and a local team have developed the concept of “fringe-farming” and have worked on a projectplan to implement this model in the Maltese community. 

Fringefarm provides better earning models to farmers and other rural entrepreneurs while also improving the natural world - as well as strengthening the local community. This approach also helps with climate change and the decline in resources, and offers an easy step by step road to sustainability.

A one hour talk by Mr Willemsen will be held at the Gozo NGO Centre on the 24th of January. The talk start at 11am and will be about solutions peppered with practical examples from around the world and it will then be followed by a discussion.

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