Sustainability is Possible!

For this year’s World Days of Action, students were invited to sing for a sustainable world. Schools from different countries took part in a music video competition. Schools were invited to submit a music video to the song Generation Next. The song was produced by FEE Norway that operates Eco-Schools in Norway.

The school with the best video will then represent its respective country in an international competition which will be judged by a jury.

Four Gozitan schools took part in this competition. Click on the images below to see their submission.


Sannat Primary



"The Gozo College Sannat Primary and Special Unit School has produced this music video to promote and spread the word about Ec0-Schools.This project was integrated in the day-to-day life at school.The school got on board with the basics, being the three R’s and furthered its activities to promote sustainability.A school garden was planted and vegetables are growing on site.The pupils learn to produce their own food; from vegetables to eggs.This leads to healthier choices and healthier lives.Moreover they are used during cooking lessons.An alternative form of transport is introduced.Those living close enough to school can try biking for a few days a week.The Red Palm Weevil has caused an ecological damage on our Maltese Islands.Through the help of the school gardener, Sannat Primary is taking the necessary measure to control this species.Therefore the school is trying to instil in the pupils, the love for all living things around them.In addition pupils discussed the issue of loneliness, especially among the old aged persons in the community and how this could be tackled. We should embrace our traditions and learn more about them. Pupils at Sannat Primary and Special Unit School are proud that they are making changes in their lives to be more sustainable."


Rabat Primary


"Education for Sustainable Development has become a priority at the Gozo College Rabat Primary.  For this reason the EkoSkola committee together with the joint effort of staff, students and parents decided to produce this music video to spread the message that future generations depend on our actions.  Tree planting was done in collaboration with Eco-Gozo. It is our responsibility to take care of the environment around us,  use resources responsibly, reduce, reuse and recycle, be aware of the damage being done through pollution, and that adopting a healthy lifestyles is the right way forward.  Trees help clean the air, walking reduces exhaust fumes from the streets, buying and using only what we really need reduces waste and permits the better distribution of resources.  Let's join forces and together take care and enjoy our beautiful island, Gozo, with it's lovely countryside and rich cultural heritage.  This music video is participating in an international call to promote Education for Sustainable Development through a whole school approach by Eco-Schools, FEE international."


Gharb Primary



"The pupils of Gharb Primary School are trying to convey a message that being sustainable is possible, but one has to act fast! Even this is written on the belfry, 'Ibni Ghozz iz-Zmien - My son, don't waste your time!' - in this case, to become more sustainable!"


St. Francis Primary