Alteraqua Project in Gozo

coverphotoalteraqua123The Non Conventional Water Resources Programme in the Mediterranean was recently ranked in SECOND place in the Water Showcase - World Final during the 7th World Water Forum held in April 2015 in South Korea. The World Water Forum is the largest water-related event in the world.

This programme reached Malta through the Alter Aqua project. The main scope of Alter Aqua was to mobilise Non Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) to increase water harvesting and availability in a sustainable, cost effective way and promote a new water culture, at both a local and a national level.  

Through Alter Aqua, Gozo benefitted from an $800,000 Grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation while the Ministry for Gozo, through the ecoGozo programme, invested a further $440,000 in addition to the aforementioned grant.



Here’s a summary of the Alter Aqua project:

·   The Coca-Cola Foundation and General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd gave financial backing to the project to the value of $800,000

·     The Minsitry for Gozo, through ecoGozo invested a further $400,000 in the project

·   FOUR innovative rainwater harvesting systems (reservoirs) were installed in Gozitan schools (Kercem, Sannat, Zebbug and Gharb)

·   SIX rainwater harvesting systems (reservoirs) in Gozitan schools and educational places were restored (Sannat, Xaghra, San Lawrenz and Government Experimental Farm)

o    What does this mean?  -  Gozitan students are now using rainwater for flushing as well as watering plants and trees at school.

·       ONE greywater reuse system was installed at the Gozo Football Stadium

o    How does this work?  -  The water used in the players’ showers is now stored, treated and used to water the natural turf at the football stadium.

·       ONE storm water management application was implemented in Ramla Valley

o    What was done? – Rubble walls were constructed along the valley for storm water retention. This increased rainwater capacity for irrigation purposes in agriculture.

·       ONE interactive game launched

o    What is its purpose? – This is a helpful tool to raise awareness and sensitize primary and secondary school students, as well as adults, to audit water consumption and promote use of NCWR at domestic level and water saving in everyday life.

·       3,200 students were educated about sustainable water management and consumption

o    What did the students learn? – The educational purpose of the project served to teach Gozitan students about the ability to reuse water and the potential rainwater has in our everyday activities. Over and above all, the students were taught about the importance of this scarce resource.

·       255 teachers and 48 technicians were trained

o    How was this done? - Teachers were lectured about sustainable water management and were also given educational resources on which to base their lesson plan. 

·       An estimate of 30,000 beneficiaries enjoyed the benefits of these NCWR systems and awareness raising activities.


EcoGozo is very proud to have participated in this project. Placing in second place in a worldwide competition is testament to the great results this project achieved. The increase in rainwater harvesting potential as well as the use of rainwater in schools will decrease ground water extraction. Furthermore, we hope that the educational component of the project will shape up the targeted children as a generation that is appreciative of the fact that water is a depleting resource.


As an initiative of the Alteraqua project, the website was launched. 


More information about the Programmes objectives, activities and results is available here: and here:


The interactive game is available here: More relevant information is to be found