A new dairy factory in Gozo

A new Magro Brothers factory in Xewkija was inaugurated on the 24th September by the Hon. Lawrence Gonzi. During the inauguration, the Prime Minister stated that in a period of economic uncertainty around the world, our country has shown that it has the power to overcome the current crisis. "Today we can think of our future with more confidence. Such confidence is reflected in the investment that the private sector is creating" the Prime Minister said.

A new dairy factory in Gozo

This project is another contribution by the private sector towards the island's eco-island vision. The agricultural sector is an important one for the island's economy and the eco-Gozo vision. The investment in the production of traditional cheese products by the company will be a catalyst for the Gozitan primary industry. One of the schemes announced by the Government under the Rural Development Programme, amounting to €60 million, will help more farmers in investing more in agriculture.

The University of Malta and the Government are collaborating on the creation of an Agricultural Research, Development and Innovation Centre in Gozo. This centre will result in the implementation of another action from the 80 eco-Gozo proposed actions for 2010-2012. In this way, the agricultural sector will benefit more from the eco-Gozo initiatives.

"In a situation of a global economic crisis, our country succeeded in overturning such crisis by creating new investment. The country adopted a clear direction which yielded results. In the second quarter of this year, the Maltese economy grew by 3.9% - a growth which is higher than that registered by the European Union and the Euro Zone (which is at 1.9%). In July, industrial production increased by 6%. We shall always focus on job creation." With this direction, the Prime Minister said that through new investment and training schemes, the unemployment rate is the fourth lowest in all of the European Union. In spite of this low percentage, Government will continue to strive for the creation of more work and better jobs.

This type of investment by Magro Brothers is proof that the manufacturing industry is a vital sector in the Maltese economy. The government believes that value-added manufacture is the way forward to promote our country as a centre of excellence. Other manufacturing activity such as the pharmaceutical industry and others are continuing to expand and invest, thus proving the potential that this sector has in the Maltese economy.