HSBC Catch the Drop Campaign in Gozo

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Without water, there would be no life on our planet. It is a basic requirement for all life. Yet water supplies are facing increasing demands from users. It has become a limited and vulnerable resource which is vital to protect. Water is a precious and threatened resource which we must all conserve for the future.


The Catch the Drop Campaign was created to raise awareness that saving water is a concern for us all and to show that one’s behaviour may be adapted to achieve responsible and sustainable usage. Each one of us can be instrumental to help conserve such an indispensable resource.


Primary Schools within the Gozo College as well as Santa Lucija’s Administrative Committee benefited from HSBC’s Catch the Drop Campaign.


During an event at Ghar Ilma in Santa Lucija, the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo, said “The scope of this initiative, part funded by the HSBC Group, is to raise awareness about water conservation and to encourage change so that water is used more sustainably in Malta and Gozo.”


The programme encourages positive change for the responsible and sustainable use of water. The Gharb, Sannat, Kercem and Xewkija primary schools improved their infrastructure by installing systems that harness water more effectively and efficiently. Additionally, Santa Lucija’s Administrative Committee took care of the maintenance of water channels leading from Santa Lucija to Victoria.


Minister Refalo reiterated that the educational programme, Catch the Drop, is essential to raise more awareness about water conservation. In fact, many schools are now making better use of this precious resource. Such projects are very important and are in line with the Ministy for Gozo’s vision to turn Gozo into an ecological island.


Students from Gharb, Sannat, Kercem and Xewkija primary schools participated in this event by singing songs and reading poems about the importance of the precious resource that is water.