New Compost Bin

Gharb Primary School's New Compost Bin

CompostBinVisitRecently, the EcoSchool Committee of Għarb’s Primary School launched a campaign to increase the use of composting. WasteServ organised workshops in all classes with the ultimate aim of informing the school's students about the correct ways of creating, maintaining and harvesting from a compost bin.  As a result, the present, solitary, compost bin proved too small for the increased volume of greens and brownies that were being deposited

In view of this, Gharb Primary's EcoSchool Committee sent a request to the EcoGozo Regional Development Directorate querying about the possibility of financing a second compost bin. An additional compost bin would complement the school's efforts to produce more compost. The school's request was accepted by ecoGozo and the Minister for Gozo presented the new compost bin during a recent visit to the school. 

The importance of composting has gained momentum in recent years. Composting does not only find a way to reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of, but it also manages to turn waste into a product that is useful for gardening and landscaping. The initiative taken by Gozo College Gharb Primary School is instilling in the students a sense of environmental stewardship.

With composting, children aren’t only taking a hands-on approach to reducing, reusing and recycling, but they’re also seeing a whole cycle of how food waste can be turned into something that is good for the soil. This way, the students learned that they can actually make a difference and have a positive effect on the environment.