Outdoor Educational Activities

EcoGozo's resident botanical expert leads two outdoor activities

Lecture to 6th Form students at Dwejra

students1333Mr. Stephen Mifsud from EcoGozo was invited by the Sir M A Refalo Centre for Further Studies to give an outdoor talk at Dwejra to celebrate Mother Nature's beauty on Earth Day.

This event took place on the 22nd April 2016 where Mr. Mifsud delivered a lecture on the flora present in situ. He explained selected biological adaptations of local plants that were encountered at the cliffs of Dwejra and the wetland of Qattara. He also defined with examples basic terms like indigenous, endemic and alien species. All plants observed were identified for the students and highlighted their particular characters related to pollination mechanisms or their protection. All questions asked by students were answered and encouraged to ask further questions through resident expert working at EcoGozo.

 Fieldwork assistance to Sacred Heart Minor Seminary at Dwejra


Mr Stephen Mifsud was also invited by the Sacred Heart Minor Seminary, Victoria Gozo to share his botanical expertise and identification of local wild plants hence assisting the biology class in their fieldwork. This event took place on the 28th April 2016 where Mr. Mufsud identified the plants encountered and revealed several tips on how to identify a number of plants in the field. All students were supplied with a datasheet on which they jotted down notes, wrote the names of plants inside the transect, their corresponding abundance and any disturbances or pressures detected.

Mr. Mifsud also talked about the ecology of the surroundings and the biological adaptations related to morphological characters. The children present were very motivated and in a short time they started to identify plants themselves, shuch as the Caper Tree, the Malese Salt Tree(endemic), the Golden Samphire, the Maltese everlasting, the Mediterranean Thyme, the Boar Thistle, African Carline-Thistle, the Maltse sea Chamomile (endemic) and the Maltese Stocks (endemic).