Curriculum Programme Activities

Students encountering entrepreneurs

studentsForm 5 Core Curriculum Programme students attending the Gozo College Boys’ Secondary School, were taken to the Concrete Plant owned by Road Construction Limited. This was part of their entrepreneurial experience.  Inside the plant, students were shown around and architect Johan Camilleri highlighted the various job opportunities relevant for our students.  The outing was particularly insightful as the students were shown how technology and innovation play an important role in such plants today.


Lately, the same group of students visited the FXB factory in the Industrial Estate in Xewkija.  Mr Borg showed the students round the factory and explained the different processes and machinery used.  All the students showed a high level of enthusiasm so much so that a couple of them asked Mr Borg for a future job interview.  Such outings are extremely important as they help students to draw a link between scholastic material and the industry in the real world.

EcoGozo supported these activities.