Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem 2010

Bethlehem f’Għajnsielem 2010 The life-size crib, constructed on 20,000 sqm of fields on a stretch of land known as Ta’ Passi, comes to life during this month of December with about 150 actors taking part this event.

This year the Foundation gave itself a new challenge – not just making this life-size Crib bigger and better, but safer and greener too. In an effort to do its part for Eco-Gozo and see that it is a success, the Fondazzjoni Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem has:  

• Obtained the ISO 14001:2004 Certification

• Planted indigenous trees 

• Eliminated use of plastic and styrofoam 

• Implemented a program of waste management 

• Encouraged visitors to use public transport 

• Used recycled paper to print educational booklets  

• Distributed educational booklet to school children  

• Used recycled wood to build structures  

• Set up a composting site  

• Distributed 6,000 cypress tree seeds to visitors  

• Selected as its motto “Embrace Eco-Gozo – Go Green”  

• Adopted the government tips for a Greener Christmas  

• I mproved Emergency Preparedness procedures  

• Enhanced Health & Safety measures  

• Cultivated available fields with crops

The message is that Christmas is NOT a time to cut down trees, but to plant them… it's about birth and life and not destruction.