Waste Reduction Week celebrated in Gozo

Gozo joined the European Community to celebrate the European Waste Reduction Week between the 20th and 28th November. This initiative was taken in order to increase awareness to reduce waste in all European member states.

waste redution weekMarking this occurrence, the Ministry for Gozo, introduced the use of compost bins in schools. This initiative means that organic waste from schools will be re-utilised as compost in school gardens and not being disposed in landfills. This initiative promotes good environment practices as envisaged in the eco-Gozo proposed action 2010 - 2012.

The Minister for Gozo, the Hon. Giovanna Debono presented these compost bins during an activity held at the Qala Primary School. The Minister encouraged students and teachers to use these bins and to promote this idea even at home. The Hon. Giovanna Debono emphasised that education is the key to introduce new ideas and good practices. Besides educating students about composting, students will learn to introduce good environment practices. In this way, the Sustainable Development Standards advocated through the eco-Gozo vision - although ambitious - will be reached with the help and cooperation of everyone.

The Ministry for Gozo explained how the amount of waste can be reduced in our schools by taking simple actions. Good practices like the use of lunchboxes instead of plastic bags, cloth napkins instead of paper napkins, elimination of disposable cups and re-using of one-sided paper can be easily implemented. The Hon. Giovanna Debono encouraged that these practices can be adopted across the whole year.

Another initiative taken in line with the eco-Gozo action plan is that of encouraging schools to build cribs from recycled material. The Hon. Giovanna Debono encouraged students to take part in this initiative and be creative in their work. Some of these works will be exhibited at the Ministry's Exhibition Hall and at the Valletta Waterfront.

This activity included also reading of poems and singing by students. This week is being celebrated for the first time in Malta.

Some 740.000 kilograms of separated waste has been processed at the WasteServ branch in Gozo this year, an increase of 440.000 kilograms from the previous year.